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A container that has the strength suitable to withstand shipment storage and handling is a shipping container. The sizes of shipping containers range from large reusable steel boxes used for intermodal shipments to ubiquitous corrugated boxes.

Boxes that undergo the process of matching design factors with the functional physical and end use requirements are corrugated boxes. The various types of shipping containers are corrugated boxes, wooden box, intermodal freight containers, crate, bulk box, drum, flexible intermediate bulk container, intermediate bulk shipping container, pail, insulated, unit load device, transit and flight cases, road cases and specialized containers. Heavy and dense products with the inclusion of government and military goods shipment is done by use of wooden boxes.

Transportation of products and raw materials between different countries is done by a reusable transport and storage unit which is known as intermodal freight containers. Specialized shipping containers such as high cube containers, double doors or tunnel- tainers, pallet wides, side loaders, open tops and temperature controlled containers are the variations of intermodal freight containers. In addition to the specialized containers the trans-tainer is another type which is a portable oil and fuel freight container. Storing and transporting bulk fuels by mode of road, rail and sea can be done by the trans-container.

Intermediate bulk shipping container is a multi-purpose container that is employed for the general transport, handling of bulk liquids and materials and storage. The intermediate bulk shipping containers are compatible and resistant to an extensive number of chemicals, caustics, acids and inert materials. Shipping containers of the type intermediate bulk are made from these kinds of materials; carbon steel, stainless steel, high density polyethylene plastic and composite steel and plastic. Heavy and large items are transported by crates which are large containers that have self-supporting structures with or without sheathing.

Large containers that have self-supporting structures with or without sheathing are identified as crates which are often made of wood and transport large and heavy items. A bulk box is a pallet size box used for storage and shipping of bulk quantities and are also referred to as tote box, bulk bin or skid box. Liquid and granular materials are transported using cylindrical shipping containers known as drums that are made of steel, plastic or fiber.

Transportation of cargo on commercial aircraft is done by a container known as a unit load device which can either be a pallet or container used to load luggage, freight and mail on wide body or specific narrow body air craft. A large quantity of cargo is bundled to a single unit which is the main purpose of a unit device load. The purpose of vents in shipping containers is to allow air in and out of the container while at the same time reduce condensation. Shipping containers vents are kept small due to the seafaring nature of shipping containers.

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