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The Proper Way to React to Police Brutality

Police brutality can be described as acts of a police officer to a citizen using unnecessary physical force, verbal attacks and psychological intimidation. To cite an example, it can be as plain as the use of a police officer’s position to make a person agree to his or her search or request. It is observed that police brutality can happened any time as one would interact with a police officer, even at the place of the police department.

It is important for a citizen to know his or her rights once he or she believes is experiencing police brutality so that he or she would know how to protect oneself. When interacting with a police officer, remember the most important action to do and this is your right to remain silent. Making sure to document everything is documented as soon as possible, all important facts like the time, place, police officers present and other interactions that happened during the situation. If you have to undergo medical treatment, make sure to have the records that your attorney can refer to that you might use for your other rights.

Note that if provoked, police officers are legally able to use force against you or to a person. Be aware that in some cases, there are policemen who would use force in unprovoked situation and even if only moderate force is needed. Sometimes, there are excessive force that would lead to severe injury and even death. Therefore, be informed that it is punishable by law if there is wrongful death caused by police brutality.
There could be several reasons leading to police brutality, and the most common cause of this force would come from the psychological state of the officer, or his or her perception of the situation and the reactions of the particular situation.

To site another example when an officer would lead to brutality is when he or she sensed to be disrespected, and even if it is not legal or moral to lash out force, some officers will act out to the person who she or he viewed as being disrespectful. Whether to punish the person who disrespected the officer, or to intimidate those other people present during the situation, some police officers will resort to this conduct.

Another incident when police brutality is conducted could be due to racial profiling. This means, an officer who has the tendency to racially profile people, may over react to crimes committed by some persons because of their ethnicity, and you should know that is counted as brutality.

The use of excessive force therefore by a police officer, no matter his or her reason will be, should be accountable for using such force. Be warned though that in several situations, it is tricky and difficult to accuse of police brutality. In such cases, it would be wise to get the help of a lawyer whose specialty is in police brutality to help you in your situation.

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