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Uses of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana also known as bhang is a drug which is extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant. The Cannabis Sativa is a plant that grows in the tropics and has saw-like edged leaves. Depending on the region, marijuana has different slangs. Since marijuana causes a feeling of joy and relaxation, it is used for both recreational and medical purposes. In many countries, use of marijuana for recreational purposes is illegal. Medical marijuana is the recommended by doctors. Medical marijuana includes vaporizers, edibles, tablets, oil, and beverages. Marijuana has been proven able to treat and prevent spreading of diseases. The medical MD who perform research on the medical importance of marijuana determined this. The following are uses of marijuana in medicine.

Medical marijuana is appropriate in the treatment of cancer. A dangerous disease resulting to the unnatural cells’ growth is called cancer. The medical MD administered medical marijuana to a breast which was affected by cancer. A few days later, the multiplication of the cancer cells had halted and the cells were less aggressive. Medical marijuana is therefore recommended for cancer patients in order to control the spreading of the cancer cells and reduce the effects of cancer.

Medical marijuana is used in treating epilepsy. A disease characterized by loss of consciousness as a result of an attack on the brain is known as epilepsy. Epilepsy mainly results in burns, drowning and injuries when the epileptic person hits, falls in a river and hits a hard surface in case of loss of consciousness. The medical MD discovered medical marijuana can treat cancer after administering the medical marijuana to epileptic rats. Medical marijuana is therefore effective in controlling the spreading of cancer.

Medical marijuana in improving the appetite. Loss of appetite results to not feeling hungry and severe weight loss. Medical marijuana increase appetite in people suffering from HIV/AIDS. Medical marijuana speeds up the process of metabolism and hence more craving for food. The HIV/AIDS patients will have a healthy life upon taking medical marijuana.

Marijuana is used in arthritis treatment. Arthritis causes pain, lack of sleep and inflammation of joints. Medical marijuana has the ability to reduce inflammation of joints, reduce pain and cause sleep.

Marijuana is recommended for relieving pain. In medical facilities, medical marijuana is administered to patients who are undergoing surgeries and other painful procedures in order to reduce pain. It brings about a soothing effect and reduces nausea. Medical marijuana can also be administered to patients with painful wounds or burns to enable the patients to perform some activities as the wounds are healing.

Medical marijuana can also be used in treating the cardiovascular diseases.

These are the reasons why medical MD recommend the use of medical marijuana.

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